Company Overview

Haian Nengda Electric Co., Ltd.

Customized Expert Of Copper And Aluminum Parts

Haian Nengda Electric Co., Ltd. 


is located in Haian hi tech Industrial Park on the coast of the Yellow Sea, covering an area of 35000m² and a building area of 22000m². We havea complete set of CNC production equipment, all kinds of copper and aluminum welding production process, accurate and complete detection center.


The company was founded in 1993


It covers an area of 35,000㎡


The total assets are 130 million yuan


There are 118 employees, 30% of which are technicians

Development Path

Company Culture

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Love a good hard work and strict moral discipline

Corporate Ldentity

Wisdom, good faith + love = to overcome all

Business Philosophy

Letter in good faith to win broad

Quality Policy

High quality and high scientific and technologica innovationscontinue to improve the customer first

Cooperative Partner

Haian Nengda Electric Co., Ltd.

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